Metal Coat


ACTIVE ZMC is the concentrated acid used in the activation cycles of various metals and alloys, before electrodeposition.
ACTIVE ZMC has the following main advantages:
- Ensures optimum adhesion of deposits, removing light encrustations and oxides.
- Leaves the surface of metals, activates uniform and clear. It substitutes with real advantage the common acids, normally used in this 
operation. - During subsequent rinses, before electrodeposition, there is no formation of oxides and no insoluble residues remain on the surface of the
pieces. - It is especially efficient in the activation of Zamak, leaving the surface of the pieces, clear, uniform and free from stains. - Can be used electrolytically in steel parts, where it cathodically efficiently removes light oxides and heat-treated shells. It is also used
anodically in stainless steel, fine steels and nickel steel for special applications. That is, whenever a light attack should be promoted to
ensure greater adherence of the layer to be electrodeposited.